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    Melissa, thank you, you are so right, the flannel hospital blankets/burp cloths really are amazing! We used them to swaddle Avery during his first week home, and this past week they’re coming in handy as burp cloths as Avery is feeding more intensely and spitting up some. I was nervous at first about taking supplies home from the hospital, but as my friend said, that’s what insurance is paying for! So I have a small stack of the burp cloths, and I even asked for a few of the long sleeve side snap tees that have the built in hand mittens that my hospital dressed Avery in for the days he was there. A few friends of mine that are new moms as well didn’t know you could take supplies home from the hospital, so they were grateful for the advice as well!


    Too bad you have to have a hospital birth to get these

    Melissa Lawrence

    So funny, I guess birthing centers don’t have them? Do they offer anything??


    Is there a place to buy these? My hospital doesn’t give these out!

    Melissa Lawrence

    HI there — if you go to the chux show there is a list right under the video, click on that and you will see a link to buy. Good luck!


    I’ve seen these for sale in a few different sizes. What size do you recommend? I see a lot are 30 by 40, but there are some square sizes available too.

    Melissa Lawrence

    I recommend a rectangle, the 30 by 40 — where have you seen them? They are hard to find! Thanks for writing in!


    I just ordered some from here. You can get them in other prints as well. Search for coupon codes when buying.

    3 weeks in the NICU and didn’t realize how nice they were until we got home and didn’t have them anymore. Really liked a lot of the products we used there, and it’s taken some searching to find them online to buy. We liked their burp cloths they had and the foaming Purell too. 🙂