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    I need a new sports bra and athletic clothes! This would be a great gift card to win!

    Holly C.

    what a cute top! I love the colors and the back is so cute! thanks for the chance! I love buying workout clothes!

    Sarah Robin Johnson

    Super cute!! I stay focused by ending my day thinking about three things that made me happy that day: that keeps me centered on the people and activities that are so rewarding.


    What a great way to approach life. Love it!

    Katherine Riley

    I love the back of that top. I stay focused by making goals and writing them down. Having a list helps me keep track of what needs to be done.


    LOVE lists! They really do help so much!

    sue jew

    I enjoy nice fitting clothing. Sure can make life easier! Lol! Stephanie Bushman! Sue jew!

    Wendy Gonzalez

    The clothes look great 🙂 I hope I win!


    Onzie has so many cute patterns. Good luck!

    Beth Hern

    I love how fitting they are. Will definitely be needing these after I give birth to my little girl next month.


    Onzie makes some of the best stuff out there!


    I would love to try Onzie out. Their stuff is so cute


    Right? LOVE the patterns that they have! Good luck!

    Lisa Coomer Queen

    I would love to get some things for my daughter. They look very nice. Thank you.


    Have never had a yoga outfit. These look very comfortable.


    Love the fun straps on the back of this workout bra!


    Same! Love the little details that make them unique!

    Kimberly Flickinger

    I currently do not have a yoga outfit, and this one looks very comfortable.

    Anita Kennett

    This is an absolutely beautiful thing you are doing. Thanks so very much.

    Amber Lee Kolb

    Wow, this is so awesome!! Thank you so much for the giveaway 🙂

    Shirley S

    Onzie has really great clothes! Thanks for the giveaway.


    Wish I could live by a beach like this.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

    Peggy Johnson

    I would love to try the Onzie brand (even though I am not sure how to pronounce it..haha)