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    I think kids mostly just want your attention, love and approval. Tell them how much they mean to you and show it with your time. Kids need some discipline and guidance but praise and approval are even more important. I am still learning to be a good dad!

    Another thought

    Empathy. Using books, then real situations, I tried to get my kids to look at things from someone else’s eyes. If they see a need, they should help in some way. For example, when my arms are full, they can open the door for me. It naturally extended to strangers, when they were older.

    Paula Farrell

    I would urge that all of us who persist with the idea that children in general are “spoiled” and feel entitled ( with the exception of our own , of course ) read the excellent book by Alfie Kohn , The Myth of the Spoiled Child. It is well researched and well documented child development, not just another unfounded opinion.