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    Play Outside Gal

    What an amazing giveaway!! I would love some Trollbeads!!!

    Dana Rodriguez

    They have beautiful jewelry. I love the Anemone Neck Bangle!


    This is really neat, the beads are beautiful.


    They have so many beautiful pieces! Definitely worth checking out their website!


    The beads are beautiful. Someone is going to be very lucky!

    Julie Lundstrom

    Their jewelry looks really nice. They would make great Christmas gifts.


    They’d make wonderful Christmas gifts (or a treat for yourself)! Good luck!


    I so hope I win-a personal friend will be undergoing the reconstruction of a double mastectomy soon and she LOVES these kinds of bracelets. This would be the perfect way to cheer her up before surgery!

    Kerry Kollman

    The beads are great, I especially like the stars.


    Right? Lots of cute things to choose from!


    I love this kind of jewelry, so many different choices and the perfect gift for Christmas. Thank you!

    Sandra Watts

    These are nice. I had never heard of them before so thanks for sharing.

    Bobbie Smith

    I headed over to the website, and WOW! They are absolutely beautiful!


    Right? And a big selection too! Lots of cute things!

    Kara Ericson

    I love Troll! I don’t have the new copper bangle and would love it!

    Anne Flickinger

    So many choices to choose from! I am new to Trollbeads; however, I am in love!


    I know! So hard to choose! Thanks for reading!