When My Kids Dropped The Nap

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Hello everyone, answering another question today from a viewer “when did my kids drop the nap?”  Frankly, I’m obsessed with the issue of sleep for kids.  Making sure my kids slept A LOT has been a huge priority for me from day one because I saw how much better they did when they were rested and like their mom and dad, they all are big sleepers!  I also relied on my kids being asleep early and napping for good stints during the day so I could get a break and get a few things done!

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Toddler Nap Time

I have whole series of vlogs on napping that talk about the transition from 3-2 naps, from 2-1 naps, and then how to transition down to no naps.  When I filmed this last vlog, my daughter Annaliese was in the process of dropping her nap so I was experimenting with getting her through this.

I actually have some more insights to share now because Annaliese ended up napping 1-2 days a week up until the age of 4 ½, the longest of any of my kids.  Now she’s almost five and really doesn’t love taking naps, but on a day when she’s really tired, I still give her a short nap and she then seems better the next day.  When she doesn’t nap and is tired, I put her down very early by 7 p.p.  Told you I was obsessed with my kids and sleep!

In today’s vlog, I talk in more detail about the 4 of my children who have gone through this and when and how they went about dropping the nap because each case was slightly different.

What patters have you noticed regarding your kids napping?  Please share below!