Toddlers and Nutrition: When Baby Snacks All Day

As parents, we want to provide nutritious snacks for kids, and there are many options for healthy snacks for a toddler. But what if your child wants to eat all day long? Here are my thoughts on regulating snacks for your little ones.

Toddlers and Nutrition: When Baby Snacks All Day

Healthy Snacks for a Toddler

I’ve always done my best to meet the nutritional requirements for toddlers — getting them enough protein, calcium and other vitamins through balanced and healthy snacks like fruits and veggies, yogurt, cheese — but lately my 2-year-old Marielle wants to “graze” all day and is grabbing for food from adults and throwing tantrums. She had a complete meltdown in the airport recently because I wouldn’t give her a bite of my turkey sandwich! I used to be very good about not allowing this constant noshing with my younger kids, but clearly I’ve lapsed my standards a bit with this last baby.

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