Dealing with Temper Tantrums In Public

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HI EVERYONE.  Melissa here,  Doing a two part series on temper tantrums this week.  First we covered how to handle temper tantrums at home.  Today, we’re talking how to stop temper tantrums in public.  Let’s face it, dealing with temper tantrums in public is especially tough.  You feel like everyone is looking at you and thinking you’re a terrible mom.  You are NOT, so don’t even go there… you just need some good tools and tricks up your sleeve.  So here goes:

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My number 1 tip is to forget about everyone else around you and ignore their reactions.  Don’t worry about what they might be saying about you.  Just focus on your child.  When you worry about what other people think, you are going to get more upset and you are going to be more likely to get angry.  Not good.

Watch this video for even some more tips.  Got any advice on how to stop a temper tantrum when you’re in public??  Please share with me and other moms  — we all need help!

Thanks for watching and hang in there!

Xo Melissa

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