Potty Training in Public? No Thanks!


Potty Training in Public? No Thanks!Pin for later!

Although I try my hardest not to judge other moms, I was TOTALLY grossed out by the image of a mom potty training her nude toddlers while they snacked on chicken nuggets at a Utah restaurant.  Potty training stinks, no pun intended.  I’ve done it four times and I’m not looking forward to number five.A Utah mom potty-trained her toddlers at a restaurant.

But unlike breastfeeding, which I believe mothers should have the right to do in public, going to the bathroom is one of those human activities that is meant for private, not public, spaces — like sexual acts, smelling one’s underarms, picking teeth, picking long hairs off one’s chin, and yelling at your spouse (unless you’re really mad!).

When people go out to eat, they deserve to enjoy their meal, not to be exposed to pooping toddlers.  And I’m leaving the smell and sanitation components out of it.  Sorry, but to me this mom made the wrong choice.