Is Teaching Your Child To Swim Important?

Hello, hello! Melissa from CloudMom here! So it’s summer and most of us are swimming a lot, or at least more than we do during the winter. My husband and I love swimming with our kids and have been doing so since our oldest, Hedley, was seven months old. Today’s vlog tackles the issue of swimming and asks the general question: should your children learn how to swim, and at what age?

What do you Moms think about this?

I came across a really interesting debate on BabyCenter about swimming. Some moms were actually saying learning to swim is a developmental milestone like crawling or walking. To others, it’s not so crucial. I’m not looking to raise the next Michael Phelps or Mark Spitz (remember him or are you too young?), but I am a fan of swimming. Read below and watch to see why!

Is Teaching Your Child To Swim Important?

Teaching Your Child to Swim

Most importantly, I believe teaching your kids to swim is essential because it could save his or her life. Childhood drowning is all too common and could be prevented if your kiddo learns water safety at an early age. Second, not only is swimming a vital skill, it is one of the most fun family activities and a great way to exercise! And here’s a sort of selfish benefit for all you busy Moms out there: knowing that your children are able to swim by themselves in the pool or at the beach gives you (Mommy!) some much-needed time to put your feet up, sit back, and relax in your comfy lounge chair! Ahhhhh. Watch my vlog for more on why I think teaching your child to swim is important!

Tell me where you come out — are you planning on teaching your child to swim? In your opinion, when should kids learn to swim? Comment below!

‘Til next time, stay safe, and enjoy the sun!