“How to Potty Train” Part 4: Potty Training Without Pull-Ups

Hello CloudMamas!

Back again talking about the potty today as part of my “How to Potty Train” series. When it comes to potty training children, one thing you might never hear about is what I like to call “stage 2” of potty training: training your toddler off pull-ups at nap time and during the night. The truth is, your child may be totally toilet-trained during the day, but dependent on pull-ups when she’s sleeping. I’ve had a varied experience with my four children that I’ve potty trained so far: one of my boys was in a pull-up for a long time, but my third was out of it in a week.

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Potty Training with Pull-Ups

Here are some tips that helped me out:

  • Line bed with waterproof mat
  • Keep a set or two of spare PJ’s and underwear nearby
  • Schedule a trip to the potty late at night and early in the morning

For more useful tips on pull-ups potty training, watch my vlog!

What are some tips that helped your child get rid of the pull-up? I’d love to hear what you have to say! Share your experiences with pull-ups by commenting below!

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