“How to Potty Train” Part 3: My 5-Step Potty-Training Plan

Hello Moms!

Wondering just how to start potty training your toddler? I found the whole thing very overwhelming with my first son, but a few years, a few more children and more than a few accidents later, I have developed a potty training system that has made the process smoother for us. This video is part of a series I’m doing on how to potty train, so make sure to check out my other videos on this important topic as well!

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What was the biggest challenge for you when it came to potty training? Comment below!

Potty Training Tips

In this segment of my “How to Potty Train” series, I’m talking about potty training tips for kids, including getting your toddler familiar with the potty and bathroom, establishing a potty routine, staying close to home (I know, how exciting, right?), bringing changes of clothes if you go out and preparing for accidents!

Anything I left out? What steps did you take in getting your child potty trained? I’d love to hear from other moms!

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