“How to Potty Train” Part 6: Dealing With Anxiety

Hello dears!

Welcome to the last segment of my “How to Potty Train” series! I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about my potty-training experience with my five children and that my tips and tricks have helped!

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Today we’re talking about anxiety. When you’re potty training your toddler, you as the mom can feel a great deal of anxiety. I know I felt that potty-training stress!! It can also be difficult to deal with other competitive moms who potty train early.

Have you experienced anxiety about potty training? Comment below on ways you overcame your stress!

Comparing Parenting Styles and other Potty-Training Problems

This stress over how to potty train can come from your own insecurity and also from comparing your child to other kids. It’s totally ok if your child isn’t potty training as quickly as their peers. Every child learns to potty train at different rates! Watch my video for more on how to handle this as a mom and for thoughts on my own experiences. Wishing all moms out there stress-free potty training!

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