Get Creative: The Girl Who Loved Tea Parties Fable

Everyone is telling us our kids should stop with the schedules and routines and get creative!  Figuring out how to foster this isn’t always so easy, though.  So here at CloudMom we’ve decided to do a series using cute fables for children with the goal of finding fun ways for us to engage with our kids and think outside the box.

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This week it’s a fable about a young girl and her pretend tea party, but here’s the scoop: the fable has no ending!  We want you to watch this fable — hopefully along with your child — and write in with your own special ending!  I’ve used my own daughter’s name Annaliese and we’ll be reading all of the endings together, she is so excited to hear the endings so please write in!

I’m hoping that this fable will be a fun thing for your kids to also act out in their creative play … we’re looking for all creative kids, boys and girls, since everyone should have the chance to have tea!

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to check back for more! xo

  • Jennie

    She found that Gersey actually loved pizza parties and was having one there. But, the great thing was that Annaliese and Gersey BOTH loved getting invitations to other people’s parties. So, they agreed to mail each other an invitation and enjoy each other’s favorite kinds of parties and have cookies for dessert at both.

  • sharon

    Annaliese found Gersey laying underneath a tall shaded tree napping. Annaliese was so happy to see Gersey because she was so worried she didnt come to the tea party. Gersey’s mom was nearby and saw Annaliese and she came over. Annaliese asked why is Gersey napping? Her mommy said she had so much fun at the tea party yesterday that she is still tired and its very important to nap even if you want a play date. Gersey can come over AFTER nap time. Annaliese was very happy and went home to wait for Gersey’s arrival. Gersey came by a little while after and they had a wonderful tea party again!

  • chana u

    Gersey had a new baby so she was too busy

  • Mayla M

    My son had fun with this! After we watched the story he drew a picture of Annaliese at the zoo. Gersey was in the cage with three other giraffes. The others were eating and Gersey was waiting just because. 🙂

  • Emily

    Gersey had everyone there waiting to surprise Annaliese for her birthday. When Annaliese walked up and asked Gersey why she wasn’t at the tea party, everyone jumped out and yelled “Surprise”. Annaliese was so happy and everyone had cake and played all day until her mom came to pick her up. The End!

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