Baby Sleep 101: When a Toddler Will Drop the Nap

Hello, fellow Mamas!

I’ve been thinking about toddler sleep a lot lately, because my 4-year-old daughter just recently gave up her afternoon nap. I had been seeing the signs that she was ready for this transition, and we finally made the leap. But we experienced a few bumps along the way…Baby Sleep 101: When a Toddler Will Drop the NapPin for later!

When do Toddlers Stop Napping?

This really depends on the child. In this video I am answering the question “How much sleep do kids need?”, and talking about how to know when your tot is ready to stop napping, and what can make this process easier. Hope all of this information helps you and your child make a smooth transition!

Helping Your Toddler Drop the Nap:

  • Shift to an earlier bedtime.
  • Alternate days with naps and days with no naps.
  • Offer a short 45 minute to 1 hour nap. Make sure to wake your child by 3 p.m.
  • Give child a quiet, restful time during nap time, even if they don’t sleep.

How did you know your toddler was ready to drop the nap?  Tell me in the comments.

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