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    We have books in every room of our house, in the van, and at people’s houses that we visit frequently! We read all the time!


    We read every night when she’s in bed and she loves it! Sometimes throughout the day she will even bring out a book or two and we will sit down and have quiet time and read!


    I have 3 girls, ages 6months, 27 months and 4.5 years. I have read to them since birth. With my first I would read to her while she played in her room with toys. She was too little to understand what I was reading but we just made it part of our routine. She loves being read aloud to now. I am a big fan of Jim Trelease’s books on reading aloud to children. Loved this post!


    My husband and I are excepting our first baby this coming July. While I don’t have firsthand experience yet, I do know what my Mom did with me to encourage a love of reading with me and it is something I plan to do with our baby as well.

    Every day after lunch, my Mom had a special reading time when we got to cuddle with my favorite blanket and stuff animal as she read aloud to me. Once I was old enough, she let me pick out the books for our reading time which was so exciting to me. We also had a special reading time before bed. It also never failed that whenever we left the house, you would find several books in the diaper bag in case we had a chance to read.

    These are some of the things I plan to do for my baby.


    Fun idea. I’ll have to look into the hello magazine.

    sarah burton

    i try to rotate through our books and have our most recent ones out so I make sure to read them. we always read before bed. we also started reading to my sons at a very young age. my oldest son is 3 and he is loving longer stories which is so fun!


    I love this giveaway. I also love books for my kids. Thanks for all the reading tips and this awesome giveaway.


    I’m not a mom but adore reading to my 10 mo old niece! It’s one of my favorite things to do!

    Courtney Moore

    we subscribe to highlights high five and love the he’ll is too. we read more often than not and make heart glad to see and know my son wanting and enjoying reading and rather be do that than almost anything else. thank Melissa and highlights.

    My kids bring books to me over and over again instead of computers or games! 🙂

    Elena Kinny

    I don’t have any children yet, but am expecting my first in July. I am already reading to baby and plan to follow your suggestions once baby arrives. Reading to the baby from day 1 is definitely very important to my husband and I. We really hope we win this giveaway!

    Sharon Stack

    Her parents and I have read to my granddaughter since birth. I am her daytime caregiver and books are part of our everyday activities. We have ‘quiet’ time when she ‘reads’ her books and I read mine. I think it is important that she sees adults reading ~ she loves to mimic.

    Alana Hurt

    I have read to my son since he was an infant. I have made reading part of our daily routine before nap time and before bedtime. I have even bought books that he could chew on or take into the bathtub when he wanted! When he became a toddler he was eligible for his own library card so I signed him up for one. Our local library has a great program called ‘1000 books before kindergarten’. I entered him into the program to help promote a love of reading to my son. The program offers prizes and stickers along the way to reading 1000 books with your child. Another great incentive is that any older children can volunteer to be a super reader and read to a 1000 books before kindergarten participant for a small prize as well! So far we have earned a picture frame magnet for the fridge and a nice heavy duty library book tote bag with the 1000 books before kindergarten logo. At each 100 book milestone you earn a sticker, and after you collect all 10 stickers you earn a free book! My son loves going to library and picking out books from the bins they have instead of shelves to make it easier for small children. I would suggest to anyone to check out the programs that their local libraries offer for children. Most of them are free and promote great reading habits through fun programs. My son loves books and he will periodically bring them to me to read throughout the day instead of waiting for nap time or bedtime! Seeing him enjoy books makes my heart happy!


    Loved Highlights as a kid! Haven’t gotten a subscription for my son yet. Its so neat how the baby version is thicker material.


    My son loves the library so I make it a habit to go once a week and he can pick as many books as he would like. I also have a designated time when we all read to each other or on our own but my favorite time is when he goes to bed and I read to him.


    I have a 4m old son & I started reading him books already. I am trying my best not to expose him to any kind of screen for atleast 2yrs, I am praying to succeed. My niece’s & nephew make fun of me that I am making his life a hell already but I am sure one day my baby will appreciate my efforts!!


    We have 7 children and all of them love to read! We have read while in the bath, potty training and in the car while one of us stays in the car with the kiddos and the other runs in to grab a few things. I will definately have to try the dinner table! I bet that would keep them in their seats a bit longer then normal! Great Idea! Our 14 year old will be taking Honors English once again next year and reads at almost a Jr level. She was reading by herself before she started Kindergarten 🙂


    We read books every night before bed. My daughter also loves “reading” to her stuffed animals and dolls!


    We read to our kids every night and often during the day as well. They both have bookcases in their rooms with books for each of their ages, and we have even more books downstairs in their playroom. I have always read a lot to my kids from a very early age, but even more so now that we are participating in our library’s “1000 Books Before Kindergarten” program. I subscribed to Highlights High Five for my preschooler. He loves all the stories and games, especially the hidden pictures. My 17-month-old likes to look at books and turn the pages herself. I have quite a few board books with parts to touch and feel, and she likes those a lot.


    i love reading to my daughter. it gives us our special time together each night where i can teach her about something new. we read a lot of books about the ocean since it’s not something we can go see often.


    I take Tristan to the thrift stores weekly to let him choose new books to read.


    I didn’t really have to do anything because my kids love to read!


    I get my kids to read by letting them choose the books, and rereading favorites!


    I have read to my 2 1/2 yr old son since he came home from the hospital. He always gets to pick out 3 books before nap time and bedtime and he loves our routine. We also go to our local library once a week for storytime and he helps me pick out new books for the week. I think we’ve really instilled a love for books and learning in him, which is so exciting!

    Natalie S

    I have 3 boys that just adore books so we are able to read anytime! They make it easy :))


    I try so hard each Tuesday Morning to take my 3 year old to library story time but even if we can’t make it, we always drop by the library to pick out new books every few weeks. Yesterday she picked out 15! That wasn’t a lot of fun to carry around, lol. She gets to pick two a night to read before bedtime. It has become a part of our bedtime routine that she never lets me forget.

    Ally Mathews

    We currently have an 18month old little girl that absolutely looooves to read weather it be quietly on her own or on someone’s lap!! we are also expecting her little brother at the end of april this year (around the corner!) and are hoping we can pass down the love of books to him as well!!


    We just read aloud to her whatever we would read already. We focus on her hearing words.She is 6 month old.


    I grew up on books as a child so it is very important for me to instill that into my 3 boys. My boys are ages 11 years, 5 years and 3 weeks and reading is something we do every night before bedtime. As for my newborn I’ve been reading to him since I was pregnant and every night along with my 5 year old. My 11 year old is a BIG fan of reading he’s apart of the AR program at his school and he chooses reading books over watching TV and that’s something as a parent we all can appreciate. Reading is definitely something we do on a daily basis.


    In our home, we make reading time a special time for our little boy by letting him pick out the books he likes and reading them with funny voices and asking him to point things out to us from the book and then giving him a huge high 5 and lots of kisses when he gets them right. He loves this and always wants us to keep reading to him. We ignore all around us and just focus on time and the book and that makes him feel really loved and special which he is.


    My four week old is finally starting to pay a little attention while reading together. I can’t wait until she will start really interacting with me during reading time 🙂


    I’ve been reading to my little guy (now 2 yrs old) since birth. I’ve incorporated it into our naptime and nighttime routines. He can’t go to sleep without reading his books first. We have touch books, sound books, picture books, etc. We love books! He even tries to “read” them to me now. Makes me proud 🙂


    Cant wait to see what highlights has to offer!