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    Annabelle Spender

    Wow these are great tips! Thanks – do you have any suggestions on what breast pumps that you would recommend for first time mums to be?


    Flash heat your milk before freezing it. It will stop the lipase enzyme from digesting the fats in the milk which causes the milk to taste either “soapy” or “metallic “.

    Lily Sanchez

    hi Melissa, I have a question, I hope you can help me understand. So let’s say for the first pump I had 1 oz. I placed it in a bottle and into the refrigerator. Next, 3 pumps (1 oz each), I placed them into separate clean containers and into the refrigerator too. Total of 4 containers containing 1 oz each. My question is, if at the end of the day the total amount would be 4 oz, could I combine 2 oz from 2 separate bottles into 1 container and put them in the freezer? ie. Total outcome/ stash would be two containers containing 2 oz each into the freezer? Thank you so much!