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    I have not faced this issue yet, and I’m hoping it is a while before I have to. My 4 year old son still hops in the shower with me and sees me while I’m changing – and nursing the baby. Maybe because of his young age or the fact that it is a daily occurrence that we don’t make a big deal of, he has yet to have any type of reaction. I think most of the time he is not even paying attention to me when he is in the same room while I am getting dressed. I am interested to know what your older sons thought of you nursing. I have a 14 month old son who I am still nursing, and in the beginning my older son was intrigued by this.


    Hi there! You are officially our first commenter so I am so excited! I did nurse freely in front of all of my kids. Maybe this is a top versus bottom type of situation! I also pumped in front of them and they were fascinated by that! They do still see me here and there, but since they kind of observe now, I try to avoid the shower stuff b/c I feel a bit awkward. Thanks for commenting!! xo Melissa


    I guess I never really had the issue to think about. I only dressed in front of my boys when they were infants and were sleeping in my room. After that, I would always put on a robe or go into their rooms at night wearing my pajamas. I don’t go clothes shopping with them as that would be a HUGE hassle for me, so I don’t have to worry about taking them into dressing rooms with me. My only issue right now is going to the bathroom at home. I don’t lock myself in when I am home alone with them and my toddler (2 1/2) never lets me go to the bathroom alone. He always barges in and asks me what I’m doing. So I try to keep it as modest as possible when I am in there. But since we are getting closer to potty training, I don’t mind too much. He likes flushing the toilet for me. But that’s really how it works in my household and I think it is because I was raised in a very modest home. I never saw my parents without clothes on or scantily clad, so I do things the same way.


    My little one is still really young so it’s a non issue but I have thought about this when he’s crawling around on my bed as I get dressed or we are in the bathroom. He is our first so I really don’t know how I will handle it when the time comes but I liked your take on it. It may also be a top versus bottom issue as well b/c if we decide to have a second child I will nurse him/her as well so he will see that.


    Idk i sort of always have had that same question since i have a 4yearold girl & ages 3, 2 and still nursing a 7 month old boys


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