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    Anna Barton

    If I could I would sell breast milk I would. I can understand some of the issues listed as concerns, however. But humans are supposed to drink human milk. Cow’s milk is for cows. It is designed for calves. Human milk is designed for humans. So babies best chances lie in drinking human breast milk until they are weaned. Fact is, some moms just can’t breast feed. So if there is an option for another mom to produce milk for a baby in need, that only makes sense. Years ago it was not at all uncommon for a woman to feed another woman’s baby. They were called wet nurses. I believe this still occurs in places around the world. Unfortunately there is a lot of dishonesty in the world and trust could be an issue. That is sad. A lot of babies would do better if they had breast milk rather than formulas.

    Nina G

    Though I heard of donating, I never knew women were selling their breast milk. Personally, I wouldn’t buy breast milk. I just feel like I don’t know the mothers and like you said, they might try to over pump or sell infected or watered down breast milk. I think it’s a great idea for volunteering it, but not to sell it.