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    shannon fowler

    This is such an amazing outfit! i love that it is different than things I have seen before


    I love the patterns on the outfits


    They have so many different patterns to choose from! Love that!

    James Garvey

    love how much they’ve expanded their menswear.

    Patti LeBlanc

    So cute! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

    Lisa Coomer Queen

    I love these workout clothes! And on the beach is even better! Thank you so much! Would love to win this for my daughter who is a dance teacher and an exercise enthusiast.


    This would be great for my wife who is just getting started in yoga.

    Sarah Hayes

    sorry, left the wrong name for how I follow on IG! shouldnt be my entering name but eebs15. thanks for the chance to win!


    Wow, Onzie Yoga Wear is sizzling and so can you! Bring your sexy on with the latest Onzie Activewear – no more chafing, overheating or feeling uncomfortable when doing Hot Yoga. With the latest modern innovation of Wicking fabric, take your style to any athletic leisure activity.


    I have been thinking about Yoga…Maybe I will sign up


    I just started yoga. Really great for MS symptoms.

    Richard Hicks

    I did not know yoga wear could be so stylish


    Onzie definitely makes it stylish and fun!

    elicia p

    I wish I could look at that good in wear.. Almost a year PP and I am slowly getting there.


    Thank you so much! And keep at it – you will get there! Good on you for doing something for you!


    Love the shiny rainbow colors on this. Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

    donna porter

    I love this stylish look. I would love to rock this at the beach and gym.

    Shane A

    Wow those are pretty trippy looking!


    Fun workout gear makes working out more fun, I think! 🙂


    I have never tried yoga but it looks very relaxing 🙂

    Shauna Joyce

    Wow what an outfit! I like that you tried something different. The colors are neat!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!