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    Penny Bonifant

    I completely agree with you. I work hard at teaching my kids self- control & wise choices that, in turn, brings blessings. There will always be things in life if not used wisely & in moderation, to cause problems. Working with kids on these basic issues (sugar intake) will prepare them for tougher decisions that come up later in life.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Penny, I really appreciate this comment — it is hard to teach these lessons but I’m hoping that they learn also that moderation is key!

    Shruti Vasudev

    I can safely say i am the mom who wants to limit sugar intake in my babies. I wont say that i want to keep them totally sugar free. Fruits are a part of our daily diet. I also add a dash of honey in my daughters cereal. What i do not allow on most days is added sugar. So my daughter, who is now 3.5 has not yet been introduced to table sugar.


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