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    I am going through this same issue with toys. I’m not sure I’m done having kids yet, but we have way too many toys and many of them my children don’t play with at all. I have friends that could really use them, but I have this strange anxiety about giving anything away. I keep thinking about who bought them and how much my kids loved them at one point. Today my husband has pushed me to give one box of toys to a friend of mine that could really use them. It has been so hard but I’ve finally got a box together and even put in one toy that I really did not want to part with. I think the best thing to do is start with a little bit at a time and hopefully it will get easier. Best of luck.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thanks Rebecca — I still have all the pump equipment and changing tables and so much baby stuff i should start to get rid of, but it’s just too hard for me to even think about so I justify it by saying I need that stuff for future videos (ha ha!)… I think your little by little idea is spot on!


    Ever heard of Pass it on 😉
    Its OK. Start the cycle.


    Don’t save them for your grandkids…if there is any elastic it will be shot, probably yellowed & gross. Unless its maybe 1 or 2 outfits.
    I would give them to friends or relatives. Its helpful even if they do have $. And do it sooner than later, girl styles change soooo fast unlike boys clothes.
    I’ve been given clothes from cousins that have been such a blessing & given away clothes to others too. Its OK to give away small amounts to different people. or if you want $ have a garage sale