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    i think absolutely parents need to stop over-sharing. look – the digital age is here and it’s not going anywhere. how about treating your kids with a little respect? a little dignity? give them some privacy PLEASE. once something’s on the internet, it’s here to stay. i don’t know what the internet is going to look like in 10, 15 or 20 years. but if all of the details about my own poops were online from back in the day, i know i wouldn’t be so proud. and if i’m wrong, and the digital tracks lead to a dead end and don’t go anywhere, i’d still like parents to think about giving their kids some respect. just for the sake of it; people are people – no matter their age. try treating them like it.


    Yes. It’s that simple. Stop oversharing. The commiserating can still happen when people post appropriate things. I’ve seen it happen. Not to mention, FB and other social media is all open. Your children’s pictures being out there for all to see? Stupid and wrong.

    B. from STFU, Parents

    Hi there – I just wanted to pop in to say that on the Ricki Lake show clip (featured briefly in the GMA segment) I noted that I do NOT post anything from personal blogs and websites such as this one. I actually encourage parents to set up blogs so they can discuss those “overshare-y” topics in a space that doesn’t have a captive audience. I don’t have a strong opinion on whether someone wants to share information about his/her family on a personal blog, because it’s not really my forte. I focus specifically on social media, and not social media parenting “groups” created within Facebook. 99% of the content on my blog was posted by parents on their main page for all of their friends (not a select number) to view. The other 1% is from public business pages and the like. Just wanted to clarify that. Thanks!


    A little sharing is nice. A LOT of sharing is too much. Just like anything else in life, moderation is the key!