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    I’m glad I came across this article! My 6 month old is using disposable now & I was thinking about making the switch. Thank you!!!

    Melissa Lawrence

    glad you liked it! I wish I’d gone this route, as well!


    Hi Melissa I love your very informative vlog especially now that I have my 1st new born and there is no time to read! Great job!

    Would you be able to post the whole procedure on how you do the cloth nappy – how to fold, how to know when it is changing time, how to not get a leak on to the rest of the clothes, how to wash nappies, stain removal etc

    Thanks a lot


    I’m using reusable nappies since my baby was 1 month. First reason was because he had terrible nappy rush now he doesn’t have any sign and i don’t use anymore cream on him.
    Now my baby is 4 month old and i can say after a while that i really love them!Ok you have to put a little bit of effort to organize everything but as soon as you get more practical it’s really easy!