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    My solution was to buy lots of newborn clothes that snap all the way down the front. That way, you just lay the clothes out open on the changing table, put the baby on top, and snap! Done! It’s difficult to put anything over a newborn’s head and with my first, I was always so worried about his head flopping around till he got strong enough to hold his own head up. Maybe I’ll be a bit braver with our next one!


    I use a toy that arches over top my baby. That way she just wants to lay there and watch the lights on it. Makes getting into a onsie (or any outfit) easy 🙂


    My secret to putting on a onesie is by talking to baby, making them smile, laugh and giggle, give them facial expressions full of happiness. Their eyes will be focused on you alone. Putting on a onesie is definitely easier and comforting head first, then arms.


    I have ten kids and I find that fastest easiest way to get a onesie on my baby is to gather the onesie from the bottom to the top where the opening for the babies head is, stretch open the opening with both hads and gently put it on your babies head from the back/base of their head then slipping it over the front of their head. Once that is on then proceed to gather the sleeve if it is a long sleeve and then just gently slip in their arm, repeat on other side. Then slide the remainder of the undershirt down their body and snap it up between their legs.