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    Interesting. I am not going back to work and plan to nurse my baby for 1 year + with little need for bottles. Would there be any reason for me to follow this method? I feel that in my case I would end up with a lot of frozen milk that would never get used except for occasional date night or something. Oddly enough I do feel compelled to pump and freeze milk but I don’t know what for.


    Does it matter how long after nursing baby to begin pumping? Sometimes my baby falls asleep while nursing. Should I just unlatch him when he stop drinking and begin pumping or should I wait on him to unlatch? My baby is a week old and when I pump after feeding, I only get a few drops 🙁 It is very discouraging…Pls help! (I have a medela double electric pump).

    Melissa Lawrence

    Hi there. I tried to make sure my baby was awake to make sure he was full after a feeding. If he fell asleep, I changed his diaper (sometimes multiple times) to keep him awake… when he is awake, and burped, and rejecting more milk, you know he is done and then you can pump. Newborns always daze off, mine did after eating for only a few minutes, so this is what worked for me… I got NO milk often when I pumped those first few weeks after nursing, DO NOT WORRY and do not give up. The more you nurse and pump, the more you will produce… Do you get a bit more milk in the morning? I did… the Medela double electric pump is terrific!! Get the easy expressions bra that way you can hold or nurse the baby at the same time!


    love this! except for having to wash my pumping stuff each time. =) But what about the fat in the milk that first comes out for the baby? all those bags wont have that. will that be a prob?
    also any reason a dr wouldnt approve of this?


    it is OK to put the milk in one storage plastic in a day example
    i pump 2oz at 7am and put to the freezer
    and i pump again at 9am it is OK to put it to the plastic of the first milk that i pump?
    thanks in advance

    Melissa Lawrence

    Yes – you can gather the milk from different pumping sessions and freeze together in one bag. But once you get to the amount of one bag, freeze as soon as possible – fresh is best. But you can accumulate the milk during the course of one day and freeze at the end of the day. What you can do is wait until the next day and then freeze it, at that point you have to give it directly from the fridge b/c it is to late. Good luck!


    What do you do with the milk throughtout the day before freezing?