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    Jennifer Poulos

    Yes hi I’m epileptic . I take seizure medications. I take trileptal, topamax, keppra. I haven’t had a seizure years. My neurologist wouldn’t see me so I had to go one. They all wanted to take me off the pills. But then I was between a rock and a hard place the baby would die and I would so I did not want to go of my so I did not want to go of my pills so I a so I actually found 1 that would see me because to be honest no other doctor with see me because I was pregnant. Well CJ is no 14 months months old and 20 pounds . When I had him I have him full time 10 months yeah yeah yeah yeah he was 4 pounds and 6 ounces and he’s a healthy boy. Amen


    Thanks for spreading this message! So important! Only thing I took was Tylenol a few times for a headache.