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    With a diet high in dark green leafy veges (the Vit. K content helps blood clot faster), & breastfeeding your baby (helps the uterus contract back down to it’s pre-pregnancy state faster.) There shouldn’t really be any problems w pp bleeding. If you have a natural birth & don’t tear, you will be back to your normal self in no time.


    PS. If you are leaking out your maxi pads, use adult pulls ups for the 1st night or two.


    I baught extra hospital grade ice pack pads! I was able to find them straight from medline on amamazon. Also I was a huge fan of the always infinity night time pads. They were not as cumbersome as a lot of the other pads out there! Good luck mommas!


    Good advice. Remember c-sections being the same bleeding problem as vaginal delivery. Using pads is a necessity for weeks. I liked Czela Bellies for my postpartum months. They fit pads because of the cut. Felt more secure.



    It is me again, Where we can find the written description of the products you show in your website? I mean just their names.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Go under lists and schedules on my site — there should be alot of products there. I will look for a place to buy the chux pads that is not amazon. I know you can try Albee baby — you can call the store in NYC and have them ship to you. Invaluable!!!!! Really appreciate your kind words, many thanks!!