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    Melissa!! I wish i watched this before Walker came into the world, ha. This is so true ladies! I was terrified and cried. I pushed for 3 hours and was exhausted days later! Another thing you may want to had to your vlog is….hemorrhoids…..such a sore subject but i did get one and it was weeks after birth maybe 5-8 weeks i noticed it and it hurt. he is 12 weeks now and almost fully recovered. Drink lots of water and eat tons of veggies!! love your videos melissa!

    Melissa Lawrence

    I LOVE you for saying that — please spread the word! This truly is one of those things nobody talks about but it can be a bit issue! Thanks so much for watching!! xo Melissa


    Out of 7 kids, the only time I any trouble with my nether parts functioning well after the birth , was the one time the doc did an episiotomy (which I asked him not to do, but got anyway 🙁 !). The other 6 kids were born over an intact perineum & I had no trouble at all afterwards!
    Moral of the story is: a tender bottom is not the result of birth, it is the result of birth trauma, which rarely happens with natural births, mostly a result of unnecessary interventions.


    I found you completely by accident and all I want to say is thankyou. I don’t have any tips sorry but I am going to start trying to conceive soon and you are the first blogger I have found that has been practical and truthful. So thankyou

    Melissa Lawrence

    Wendy, bless you and best of luck. Stay healthy and calm — and stay in touch!!


    Love, love, love your videos!;) My do time is in the end of January and I’m watching your clips of everything over and over again! When I had my first baby I suffered baby blues and didn’t know what to do with my feelings. Now expecting my third baby I’ m little bit more prepeard for what’s coming 🙂 I think all problems hitt you very hard if you are controllfreek like me. So all moms-just let go things go and enjoy your baby ! Excuse my English because my native language is Estonia 🙂 I will keep watching Your video logs because I need some advice like what to buy for a new born, sexlife after birth or baby foods and etc., etc.,etc..

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thanks for writing in from Estonia and best of luck with #3! xo M