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    Brittany Lopiccolo

    Hi! To keep my three month old baby Sawyer healthy I make sure I eat a healthy balancec diet so we can get the nutrients from my breastmilk! Also we keep him smiling and happy…. A happy baby is a healthy baby :))))


    I could say we try to make sure to include lots of fruits and veggies and water in our diet. We do that… but when it comes to trying to keep the kiddo healthy… really its just a matter of keeping our fingers crossed and LOTS of hand washing. Needless to say.. we are at home today fighting a stomach bug with juice, crackers, cartoon, and a puke bowl. Wish us luck!!


    I breastfed my child, in order to keep them with the healthier way of feedings.

    Khurshid Shaik

    I was born in an upper middle class family in India. We didnt had all those facilities that you really find in big cities. Back then we never had any terrors of kidnappers we could go out & play with friends & still come back home in one piece, my mom did let us play with mud & not just stick to TV & indoors, there was no cable, no laptop, no kinnect. She made us eat greens & veggies daily, meat’s only oncein a week, my dad used to get cookies & candies but cant have them everyday (I had my first dairy milk chocolate when I was 15yrs old) & touch wood through out my 28yrs I’ve been hospitalised just once with jaundice. Back then I used to think that my parents are so strict but Oh now I feel how lucky I am to have them. I am going to be a mom in next few weeks & I’ve been writing a journal for myself how to raise my son just like my mom did – eating healthy, play a lot, spend less time indoors – ofcourse I wont be able to let them go as free as my mom did as those days are gone. I live in chicago & so there will be a season of snow which is the one I am most worried which is when kids get used to indoors. Wish me luck!!