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    great points! agree w everything u said…I also liked that they had the father take a picture….it is a big thingnnowadays to hire a newborn photographer to take cute posey pics , but not only is it a luxury to do so, but who wants to take a new bb to a studio,.less than 2 weeks of birth?

    Betsy A

    I was very lucky because my best friend is a professional photographer. She came and took some candid pictures of us in the hospital, then came to our house a week later to get some more “posed” pics of Eva in her nursery and in the back yard. That was such a huge relief for her to come to us. I didn’t have to worry about getting new baby out and having her own nursery in the pics add to the sentimental value of them.


    I think that maybe we should all think about the fact that Kate probably had the same family photos in the hospital like the rest of us. They however will keep many, many pictures to themselves. As for the picture that hangs on ur wall. Do whatever ur heart tells u.
    I for one have both done. 🙂