“Your Baby Can Read” Going Out of Business

Your Baby Can Read — the infant-reading series of DVD’s and flash cards — has gone belly-up, folks!  After six years, the company announced today on their website that they are going out of business because of “the cost of fighting recent legal issues.”  Let’s cut to the chase here people, they told parents to stick their babies as young as 3 months old in front of the TV to learn! Teaching infants how to read by using the TV – anyone else have a huge issue with this!?

Children and Television

Much as we all rely on it at times, TV is not good for babies.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under the age of 2 get no screen time at all, and a recent study found that infants really do prefer simple activities anyway.  Watch this Vlog I recently did on entertaining babies with simple activities, and comment and tell me if you’re as angry as I am and if you think this company deceived parents. When it comes to reading, I’m all for skipping the baby TV shows and using the tried and true technique of reading to your kids!!