WW #99: A Special Birthday for Mom & Grandpa

Hello everybody. Last Friday marked both my birthday and my Dad’s! I have always felt very close to my Dad and sharing a birthday with him made me feel particularly special. I neglected to get a decent pic of my pops for this post, but to describe him briefly, I’ll say that my Dad’s a gent whose kindness, grace, and courtesy bless everyone around him. A former college basketball player, he channeled his drive into becoming a doctor for athletes and an involved and supportive dad and community member. I’m so blessed to see him a lot and spend time together.

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Back to the issue of moms and birthdays’ I’ve had years where the kids drew cards, and years in which no cards came. This year was a good year which entailed birthday wishes for mom from each of her five little pumpkins. When Marc asked me what I wanted for my birthday, my immediate response was cards from the kids. Being a mom teaches us to take matters into our own hands, right? Here’s what my guys came up with:birthday wishes for momAfter a busy day, I headed uptown with my parents, my sister Kiki and her boyfriend Sander and Marc for a wonderful Italian meal. Here’s me with my beloved mama! In addition to ranking as one of the best knitters, Grandma is always available to lend support and has fried many tens of thousands of Swedish pancakes in her life. My Mom is such a strong role model for me – I hope I can do nearly as well by my kids as she did by us.birthday celebration with momHere we are with my sister Kiki. I’m so lucky to have her alongside me as we raise our kids together. She’s my first call and always makes me feel better about everything. Kiki’s a doctor by day and a single mom by night and weekend. Her kids are awesome and I’m so proud of her!birthday celebration with familyWho said a gluten-free cake can’t be yummy?birthday celebration cakeThe best part of my birthday was managing to get the kiddos lined up for this colorful photo. See Lachlan below sporting a nifty red sweater Grandpa knit for him. Marielle and I are killing the stripes, right?birthday celebration with the kidsHope all is well in your home and thanks so much for reading.

Melissa xoxo

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  • shellypeterson

    Happy Birthday! I love the home made cards.

  • Sarah Robin Johnson

    Beautiful family!

  • Dana Matthews

    My birthday celebration is always wild! When the girls “throw” a party it’s really nice but I sure have a big mess to clean up afterwards!

  • shannon fowler

    it looks like you had such a great birthday! the family photo is precious.

  • Gail L.

    My son has written poems for me a couple of times in his birthday cards. The first time was when he was nine. It was so funny and so touching – one line was something about me burning a hotdog at the wienie roast! He wrote another one as an adult. Best gifts ever!

    • How sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  • Natalie

    There is nothing better than homemade cake for birthdays!!

    • Cake is always a good idea. 😉

  • Betsy Barnes

    One of my best birthday celebration was when my son surprised me with dinner and a concert right after he received his license. He drove and we had the best time!

    • Sounds amazing, Betsy! Glad you had that birthday celebration experience with your son!

  • Fiona N

    I love reading Your blog and the pictures of Your kids. They are so beautiful 🙂
    Thank You

  • cynthiac

    I like all of your resolutions. Mine is to move more and not be so sedentary. I will be adding minutes to my daily walk.

  • Susan Smith

    Sounds like a lot of fun.

  • dglitter

    The cake is great!

  • sandy weinstein

    great ideas, i have heard of many of your suggestions, reading while still in the womb, this is a great idea, for soon to be moms, so easy to use.

    • I think you may have meant this comment for our BabyPlus giveaway post. 🙂

  • sandy weinstein

    i only new one of my grandparents, the others were deceased before i was born. i was very little when my only remaining grandparent passed away. i regret that i did not get to know my grandparents because i think they are very important in a child’s life. the cake is very cute that your kids made.

  • jaiave


  • Gerardo Gonzalez

    I would love the amazon card! Would allow me to get the materials I need to animate and work on my art. Thank you for the giveaway and amazing website!

  • Brooke Allen

    Happy birthday to your family members! Thank you for the giveaway. I love Amazon.com.

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    What a nice looking family. Congrats to all of you.

  • rosannepm

    Belated Happy Birthday Rosanne

  • slehan

    It’s fun to have someone to share your birthday with. My friend and I go out on our birthday.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com