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Hello everyone, Happy New Year, and welcome to 2017 chez nous at CloudMom! I’ve got so many ideas for this coming year that I am so excited to try out, and the New Year has me filled with enthusiasm. Thanks so much for sticking with me and following my site and videos! I’m so grateful for every single email, question, and all of you who come back. Thank you so much!

First up, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to shake up our family’s regular food fare. These colorful vegetables in a nearby cafe caught my fancy. Now, how to make them? Anyone have any ideas? For this roasted cauliflower, I imagine lightly sautéing it in garlic, oil and a bit of paprika and then roasting it in the oven.WW #97: The Value of Family GIVEAWAYNext up, a yummy kale salad with juicy pieces of chicken, raisins, corn and almonds. Refreshingly bitter.WW #97: The Value of Family GIVEAWAYHedley took a day trip with his class to the Chinese Institute and his lovely teacher sent me this photo, which apparently bears witness to a birthday present headed my way. Yeah!WW #97: The Value of Family GIVEAWAYI headed to Marielle’s school for her “birthday share”, which proved to be a second birthday celebration. Her classmates politely admired Marielle’s baby photos, and then partook of the pink and purple cupcakes below. Mommy indulged in two herself — who not?

The relationship of siblings to one another is perennially complicated. For Marielle, being the youngest child of five so close in age can be frustrating. She actively defends her turf as the youngest sibling and can get too-easily riled by her brothers! One of my other New Year’s resolutions is to spend more one-on-one time with Marielle and to figure out what frustrates her so much! I’ve been trying to give her the bath every day, read to her, and started a nightly story in which the Princess Marielle rejects every prince in the kingdom other than one … to be continued.WW #97: The Value of Family GIVEAWAYAfter the birthday share, we had Marielle’s conference and her teachers showed us this drawing which says: “The important thing about me is that I have a sister and brothers!” My hair makes it’s way to the end of my dress! Funny that only the girls have hearts … hm?WW #97: The Value of Family GIVEAWAYThat’s it for this week and make sure to enter our giveaway below. Oh, and if you’ve got a drawing to share from one of your kids, please do so on our Facebook page. I’d love to see it.

Happy New Year!


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  • Angela saver

    The cauliflower looks amazing! I’m checking pinterest out for some new recipes!

  • Rachael Debates-Hunt

    thanks so much!

  • Bridget Breslin

    I love roasting veggies!!! Roasted brussels sprouts are my go-to greens. Huge hit in my house!

  • cynthiac

    You add children to your salads? Ha Ha funny typo!

  • abfantom

    I love the birthday cup cakes. They are beautiful.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  • dglitter

    You are so imaginative!

  • Susan Smith

    Happy New Year!

  • stem activist

    happy new year, the roasted cauliflower looks great, its probably my favorite vegtable

  • Natalie

    Marielle is a very talented little artist!

  • Julie Lundstrom

    Love Marielle’s work. Looks like she had lots of fun.

  • Aw I love the drawing! My kids are always drawing things, but my daughter is definitely the artist of the family.

  • shellypeterson

    What a great drawing! the food and cupcakes looks good! Happy New Year!

  • Brooke Allen

    Happy New Year! Those are beautiful cupcakes.

  • Maiah Miller

    Ooh great post and video!

  • Marty C.

    Best typo of the week, right there 🙂

  • Betsy Barnes

    The roasted cauliflower dish looks really good! I bet it would be easy to make!

  • Erlen Mcc

    i couldn’t find the secret word

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  • shannon fowler

    Thanks for sharing the roasted cauliflower. I love making things with this. We’ve been using it to make mac and cheese as well as cauliflower rice

  • Elena

    thank you for the giveaway!

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    Looks very delicious!

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    haha that picture is too cute and does make you go hmmm lol

  • rosannepm

    I’m not a big fan of cauliflower but the roasted cauliflower looks amazing. It is so healthy that I need to try it in other ways Rosanne

  • slehan

    She knows girls have hearts…
    Thanks for the contest.

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