WW #95: A 6 Year Old Girl’s Party

Hi everyone and welcome back to CloudMom. So being the 5th of 6 kids, Marielle has gotten used to keeping things simple. She doesn’t venture out of the house too much on weekends (usually staying in her pajamas to play), has few activities, and has never had a full-on birthday party. Since she started kindergarten this year at a new school that she loves, where she has made tons of new friends, a fun birthday party seemed in the cards. Yet when it comes to girls birthday party ideas, I was coming up short.
birthday-cakeI called a friend to see what ideas she had for a 6 year old girls birthday party, and her response? Make-up. What do little girls love more than make-up and the chance to be fancy and pretty. So that’s the theme we went with with what indeed did become a very girlie party that Marielle loved.

My pal Nadine, a fellow Mom from the boys school, made this marvelous cake that was yummy too with alternating layers of lemon/vanilla and chocolate. The elegant crown on the top was edible too. Luckily we had tons of yummy leftovers which we are savoring now. Nadine’s an ultra talented baker who comes up with her own innovative cake designs, bringing so much beauty and passion to her work. We couldn’t take our eyes of this breathtaking cake!kids-cakesgirls-birthday-cakesHere’s Annaliese with some of her 2nd grade buddies. Fun for her to have some friends there too.6-yr-old-girl-birthday-party-ideasWith the party behind us, it was time to find a Christmas tree. In New York City, that means walking down the sidewalk to meet the same fellow who helped you last year. With all the trees snug and bundled up, it was hard to choose!xmas-tree-farmFortunately, Daddy and Annaliese were there to help. We found a tall Fraser Fir that is perfect for our living room and lugged him home.christmas-tree-lotThis here mom’s yesterday included the tree, a pumpkin cake, gingerbread cookies, and our favorite baked good of the season: Swedish drömmar or dreams. Keep an eye out for the recipe coming soon since it’s easy and delish.cookiesThat’s it from our neck of the woods today and thanks so much for reading.

Happy early Holidays!

Love, Melissa

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