WW 94: Thanksgiving Holiday Giveaway

Hello my peeps and welcome back to the week after the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you enjoyed some quality time with your families over the past week and aren’t too worn out by the Thanksgiving activities of cooking, cleaning, preparing and all the rest of it all!

Before Thanksgiving, my girls were thrilled to throw their uniforms aside for one day and enjoy pattern day. Thanks to our amazing sponsor Gymboree for the lovely sneaks!sistersHere’s your typical blogger’s suitcase for a few days away. Casual clothes, hats, sneakers, camera, tripod and light. Ready set go! Even though my kids were off and we had family staying with us, I had two important vlogs to film for my awesome viewers!packing

Here’s my big man helper Hedley, who accompanied me on one of the many grocery store runs of the weekend and did a great job loading the bags and unpacking them. In the back of my mind is that he be a great partner to a woman in need someday! Mamas, remember to raise your boys to do as much as your girls! We’re modern chicks, after all.

packing-for-thanksgivingCan’t take credit for these cute Thanksgiving cookies. We couldn’t resist buying a few at our favorite coffee shop and that got gobbled up quicker than you can say gobble!thanksgiving-cookiesWednesday included some special girls time including a fun manicure. Marielle chose hot pink in keeping with tradition.getting-nails-doneAnnaliese chose a deeper red — how mature! – and opted for no flowers, stickers or adornments, claiming those are for little kids. Oh my, how big we are!nailsHere’s the lineup at the kids table on Thanksgiving day. Special thanks to my sister Kiki for doing so much cooking, as well as to my mom for the amazing food and hosting the party.thanksgiving-kids-tableNone the worse for the wear, we celebrated our grandmother’s (and mother’s) birthday the next day alongside that of our two amazing cousins Jasper and Saemus. A lot to be grateful for.birthday-celebrationFamily rocks.birthdayExtended family rocks even more!big-birthday-celebration Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to enter our giveaway below. Stay positive, stay grateful, stay calm, stay on course. All will be well.stay-positiveLove,


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