WW #88: Find Your Spirit

Hi everybody.  Lately I feel like our daily life lacks a bit of variety.  We get up, get the kids fed and off to school, work, get them to their activities, help with homework, and try to get to bed to start the whole thing over again.  Too often, I spend the entire day in my yoga clothes, with my glasses on and no makeup.  I’m comfortable but looking and feeling rather drab.

My girlies inspired me this past week with their school’s Spirit Day.  Each of my girls plays soccer, so they were excited to get out and cheer their school’s team.  Although they usually wear uniforms, on Spirit Day they are allowed to go casual and encouraged to wear navy, white and gold, their school colors.

When it comes to fall activities for kids, there is nothing more gorgeous that getting out in the fresh air and watching a sporting event.  Whether it be football, soccer or track & field, standing there on the sidelines chatting with other parents with the chill crisp air is enough to enlighten you and helps in overcoming dullness or sadness or the everyday blues, which I described above.

Here’s big girl Marielle feeling excited.

school spirit

And here’s Annaliese, who recently welcomed her younger sister to her school.

school spirit day

Whether it be watching a game, a movie or a TV show, calling a friend, routing for a politician (!) or an athlete or your own kid, find a way to nurture your own spirit, your enthusiasm and passion.  When you do this, the drudgery of parenting falls away and you are reminded of why you became a parent in the first place!

Thanks for reading!

Melissa xx

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  • shellypeterson

    The girls look adorable and look like they are having lots of fun!

    • They had a blast! Thanks for reading!

  • Natalie

    These girls could be future cheerleaders 🙂 I love their smiles!

  • Julie Wood

    What an encourging tip this week to Find your own Spirit. I know that I can get all down sometimes with so much to do, but I need to be thankful and find something I love doing every day!

  • Tiffany Becker

    Thanks for all your awesome tips and advice!!

  • jay

    thanks a lot

  • Susan Smith

    We enjoyed going to our kids schools footballs games in the Fall.

  • shannon fowler

    The kids look so cute! I used to love outdoor sporting events in the fall as a kid.

  • Betsy R Barnes

    I love the message in your post, finding ways to nurture your own spirit. Some days, this is easier said than done, great reminder for me!

    • I agree, Betsy! Was reminding myself too!

  • Charlie MS

    I wish people at my schools had had this much spirit

  • Becky S.

    So cute! Thank you!

  • slehan

    It’s good that they get to wear something other than uniforms every once in awhile.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  • Nicole West

    Great message! I agree that getting outdoors can be an instant spirit lifter and can do wonders for people of all ages.

    • Thanks! It really can do wonders!