WW 86: Mini-Swedish Family Reunion

Hello everyone! Melissa here. Welcome back to CloudMom.  This past weekend turned out to be a lot of fun for us since our second cousin Peaky and his mom Katarina (my first cousin) came to visit from Geneva, Switzerland for Peakay’s 10th birthday.

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Although we all appreciate the importance of family, and spending time with family ranks as one of life’s most fulfilling endeavors — for us parents and for our kids — the logistics of family get togethers can be daunting.  This past Saturday Marc and I both juggled various distant soccer practices on an overcast and muddy day, and arrived home late, soggy and tired.  To be honest, I didn’t feel like I had the energy to serve dinner to 13 people.  My lasagna was ready to go in the fridge, and I had bought some cheeses earlier in the week at our neighborhood store.  I had set the table the day before.  So technically, I was ready but mentally, I needed to recharge. So I made myself a cup of tea and sat down and ate some almonds and raisins.  Then, I raced into the shower.  Jeans and a black top — check.  Mascara and lipstick — check.  Within 30 minutes, I felt ready and excited, and just then my parents, my sister and her partner, and our Swedish cousins walked in the door.

fun-family-reunion swedish-culture a-family-get-together importance-of-family-time

We had a wonderful evening catching up and laughing about old times.  Plus the kids treated us to a show.  The show left a little to be desired but let’s not dwell on that.

Next night we met for Chinese food.  Someone we finagled a private area to ourselves.  Good thing since with my sister Kiki’s kids added to the mix we numbered 13!  Our patient waiter delivered plate after plate of yummy dumplings that the kids gobbled up instantaneously. Some of the spicier dishes with vegetables mixed in were left to the adults, but whose going to complain about that!



Our tummy’s full with the yummy Chinese food, we hit a fun gelato place nearby us on the Upper West Side.  Here’s the official kids line-up.  A long black leather couch beckoned and there we sat.  What luck on a busy Saturday night in Manhattan!


Marc chatting with Katarina.  As Swedish diplomat who works with international refugees, Katarina inspires us all.


Picking out your flavors always seems to be the toughest part!


If you’ve got family near by and haven’t seen them in a while, make a plan.  Put something on the calendar and figure out your easiest food and beverage options.  Maybe it’s pizza.  Maybe it’s a potluck.  The food and drink is less important than the company.  Months later you’ll remember the time together but not the stress you felt about entertaining after a long day of mommydom.

Thanks so much for reading and check back in next week for another Wrap Up.

Melissa xx

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