WW #70: Graduations GIVEAWAY

Hello, hello my dear mamas and papas.  Hope the end of the school year is going smoothly for you all.

When I was a little kid, graduating meant moving onto high school or college.  For my kids, every year comes complete with a small graduation ceremony.  My boys commemorate the end of each school year with “Moving Up Day”.  During the ceremony, each grade officially moves up to the next grade, symbolically advancing up pews in the school’s church.  The boys dress up in coats and ties and it’s a tear-jerker. Here’s Hedley with his buddy Lyon.


Here are the three boys post having “moved up”.  They were psyched to swap the ties for hoodies and head out to the park for a class picnic complete with soccer balls and nerf guns.


Annaliese commemorated the end of the year with a class breakfast and an adoring hug with her beloved teacher.  This teacher brought her so much confidence and joy.  She’s starting to read and loves to learn.  I hope her future years of school can be filled with this same positive spirit.


After all the various graduations and celebrations, it was time for Mommy and Daddy to head out for date night at our favorite local Italian.  He gets the red, I get the white.  He gets the pasta, I get the fish.  Our regular date night (although it would not rank first on a romantic date ideas list, being pretty predictable at this point) is just what we need.  We love the food and wine and the chance to spend a little time together during which no one asks us for anything!

When was your most recent date night?  Any good ideas for dates with the hubs?  Comment below to enter our weekly giveaway!


Hedley got spiffed up for a dance on Friday night! I won’t get into the fact that the high tops I just purchased him are already almost too small – grrr!  Can’t believe how much he’s sprouted up this past year.


Speaking of footwear, here’s the pair Mommy picked out for a summer of humidity and walking.  These Cole Hahn shoes massage your feet while keeping them cool and the lizard print adds a splash of style.


And for the big news of the week, we’re off to Spain.  As we did last year, we’ve spending some time visiting, swimming, playing tennis, and reconnecting with family.  Having begun the kids summer wardrobe inventory in April, I felt relieved to have that behind me and take off on the plane.  We did forget a few items but at least I remembered the majority of what we needed.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a how to deal with plane travel with kids video that I filmed during our trip…


With so many kids celebrating the end of the year at school, it was hard during May to get much accomplished for CloudMom.  For the first time in four years, I fell behind my weekly video schedule — sniff.  But I’m happy to report that we are beginning our summer… For mama, that means that the kiddos are in a local camp, granting me the time to sink my teeth into your amazing questions and film some vlogs answering them.  Stay tuned for that and for more of our summer adventures.  And thanks so much for following CloudMom.

xx Melissa

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