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Hello mamas and papas.  Close friends are truly a treasure, and I have one such wonderful friend in Ellen Wayland-Smith.  Ellen and I attended college together, lived in Paris together as students, and have kept in close touch ever since.  We now live far apart as Ellen lives in Los Angeles and I live here in New York City.  Chances to see each other  are rare and I treasure them.

Ellen is a descendant of John Humphrey Noyes, the founder of the Oneida Community, a religiously based socialist Utopian community based in upstate Oneida, NY during the 19th century.  Ellen just published a book on the history of the community titled Oneida: From Free Love Utopia to the Well-Set Table, and has gotten some amazing press.

Noyes had instructed his followers to reject monogamous marital relationships and embrace “Complex Marriage” which involved all members of the community in multiple sexual relations.

oneida community

The end of the school year has me running to and fro with hardly time to keep up with my kids let alone sink my teeth into a fascinating new book.  But as soon as the school year ends, I can’t wait to read this well-received book which, in recounting the story of one notable family, teaches us about a critical moment in American history.

“History cannot give us a program for the future, but it can give us a fuller understanding of ourselves, and of our common humanity, so that we can better face the future.” ― Robert Penn Warren

I’m SO proud of Ellen for managing to write and publish this book while teaching and raising two daughters!

There’s nothing as great as a few relaxed hours with someone you love and trust, and who knows you so well.  It took no time at all for us to be talking in depth about husbands, kids, lives as moms, and all the rest.

Ellen Wayland-Smith

Can’t wait for the next catch up!

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    I had an Uncle who was a child product from this community. I never knew this until about 10 years ago. The family never spoke about it.

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