WW #61: Law School Reunion

Hello everyone.  As we move forward and look ahead, it’s also good to take time to step back and connect with our pasts.  I always try to make High School and college reunions when I can.  I love seeing my friends and also catching up with folks I knew less well.  This weekend marked the first time I’ve ever attended a law school reunion.

Law School was not a terribly happy time for me.  Coming from a small liberal arts college, I found myself ill-prepared for the big classes and standardized exams.  Whereas the rest of my classmates seemed focused and determined, I was confused, not sure of what I wanted to do.

I muddled my way through law school and did practice law for 11 years before finding my passion in the world of Internet video.  This surely was not a career I had envisioned for myself.  Headed to my reunion, I wondered how it would feel to present my unorthodox career to my classmates.

To my delight, everyone I talked to seemed excited for me and happy to learn more.  I in turn was thrilled to hear their stories about career, parenthood and work-life balance.

When we take time to listen to each others stories and talk about our respective lives, we learn, we grow, we connect.  It’s all good.


Here I am headed to a luncheon.  It was uplifting to be back in a beautiful academic environment again.


And here’s my favorite photo of the weekend.  When the skies are clear and you’re calm and engaged with others, you can have a pretty great day.  That was this past weekend.


Arriving back home on Sunday, the kids were clamoring for my attention and my inbox was exploding with unanswered emails.  But it was worth it.  I felt grateful to have two special days among such smart, caring, and engaged people.  A little adult time is never a bad idea.

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