WW #113: Two Catholic Confirmations!

Last weekend my oldest Hedley received his Catholic confirmation on Friday night, and my niece Aine received hers the next day.

I grew up Catholic and Marc grew up Jewish. As we planned our wedding, we spent time talking about our respective religions upbringings and what we envisioned for our kids. Since Marc is less religious than I, he graciously agreed that we would raise our children in the Catholic faith. If you’re planning a wedding or having a child right now with someone of a different faith, I highly recommend that you do the same because you want to make sure to be united in your vision of how you want to teach values to your children.

How do you try to impart good values to your children? Comment below!

Alas, at this point, three of our children have received their First Communion and Hedley has now been confirmed. These past two years, he attended class once a week with a terrific group of kids, hosted by a close mom friend of mine (it didn’t hurt that this superstar mom provided cupcakes and great snacks). As part of the Confirmation process, Hedley volunteered at a soup kitchen. And we tried to get better about going to Church. It wasn’t easy fitting all this in, but I am so glad we did.

To me, what matters isn’t so much that my children subscribe to each and every particular Catholic belief. More important is that they develop good character, understanding how important it is to put others first, to be honest, and to work hard. The sense of belonging and peace that going to Mass brings adds a spiritual element to their lives, which are so full of busyness and striving.

Here’s my big boy, who also celebrated his 13th birthday this past Friday.son's catholic confirmationThe Bishop gave a funny, engaging sermon that had the audience roaring.catholic confirmation processHedley alongside the Bishop.catholic confirmationThe next day we were at it again for darling Áine, also my Goddaughter.goddaughter's catholic confirmationÁine hugging Annaliese and Marielle. Little girls love big girls. Áine couldn’t be a more loving and nurturing older cousin to them.family at catholic confirmationÁine and Hedley have remained close since they were babies.catholic confirmationsLachlan will celebrate his confirmation next year!celebrating catholic confirmationWith the fond memories of two confirmations occupying my thoughts, Marc and I dashed from Áine’s dinner to my High School reunion in Connecticut, arriving back home that night at 2 a.m. That made for a fast-paced weekend I was grateful to experience.

In what religion if any are you raising your kids and how do you try to impart good values to them? Comment below as part of our weekly giveaway.



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