WW #110: Easter Sunday

Welcome back to another Weekly Wrap Up and a belated tribute to Easter Sunday. On Easter, my family attends church followed by an Easter egg hunt and a family brunch. These Easter activities aside, the day gave everyone in my family something to reflect upon.

First up, the gorgeous church where we attended service. Although we normally attend Catholic mass, when visiting my parents we go to this wonderful Congregationalist church.Easter Sunday at churchI am happy to report that this year, for the first time, all of my children sat through the Easter service and listened. The priest talked about renewal and forgiveness.
easter activities as a familyChildren intuitively understand forgiveness. Watch them tussle, argue, and then seconds later wrestle and laugh.  sisters on Easter SundayLet’s parents take a ticket from our kids and forgive ourselves (and each other) when we fall short. Each day offers an opportunity to begin anew, to resolve to do something differently, to strive to be better.

Resolving to be better won’t lead to being perfect. But it will lead to being good. And it’s through the process of trying, seeking and striving that we reach our full potential.

This, for my family, stood as the meaning of Easter this year. We came together after a morning of bickering over tights and socks to moments of shared gratitude. Surprising, my kids posed for some photos. The bickering waned. They helped each other find their baskets. Those were the Easter moments.

Wishing all of you a wonderful beginning of Spring and see you back soon.


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