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Hi everyone. Good friends, so the saying goes, are hard to come by. A friend of my mother once advised that if by the end of a lifetime you can count on the fingers of one hand how many friends you had made across a lifetime, you were blessed indeed. As a child, I thought five friends seemed like a dismally small amount. Now, I appreciate how rare a true friend is and although I often try to deny it, I pretty much agree with my mother’s friend’s view all those years ago.

We often meet friends though other friends. Through my close French friends made during my year in France after college, I met Ana (their cousin) a few years ago. We sat next to each other during a long family lunch and she told me she had just began dating a special guy. Scared of making the jump into marriage, Ana took her time. She came to the U.S. to get a masters degree in law, keeping the relationship alive long-distance. Eventually, Ana took the plunge and wed her love Ruggero in a wonderful wedding ceremony in the French countryside, which we were honored to attend. She now lives a happy albeit busy life with husband Ruggero and son Eduardo.

Although Ana is a newer friend and I don’t see her that often, I consider her a true friend. She makes an effort to stay in touch, cares deeply about others, and prioritizes friendships. I consider her a true friend although really we’ve just began to get to know each other.

true friends are never apart. maybe in distance, but never in heart.

Of all the important qualities of good friends, effort is one people speak less about, but in fact it takes effort to remain friends, especially once children have come into the picture. How easy is it to NOT make that phone call, let alone that trip, to spend time together and keep the friendship alive. Friendships have to grow to stay alive, and it’s only through sharing stories and ideally spending time that you can do that.

Last weekend Ana and Ruggero took the trip to come in see us while we were skiing her in France, and we spent a lovely two days together sharing stories, laughing and just spending time together. I felt so grateful.true friendTell me about a true friend you have below, and make sure to enter our weekly giveaway.


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