WW #102: Books and Piano GIVEAWAY

Hello everyone. Our week started out with a dose of good books when I volunteered for Middle School Library Week at my boys’ school. Lately, I’m finding that with homework, sports, and the forever tempting phone, my older boys read less that they used to. Hungry for a new middle school reading list, I snapped photos of all the suggested titles for future birthday and holiday gifts. Gotcha!middle school reading listWith school volunteering under my belt, I picked up Annaliese from school and took her to her piano lesson. A music buff, Marc wanted our kids to learn music from an early age. I won’t say it’s been a walk in the park. While my kids seem to like it, the don’t want to practice. They moan, and they groan, and then they moan and groan some more. But I love the sound of the piano notes in our home and for now — with my younger kids at least – am determined to keep them at it for a while more.learn musicOthers have told me that when you do manage to start with music lessons early on, kids can develop an appreciation that lasts a lifetime, and easily translates to other instruments. So these basic piano lessons could lead one day to guitar, flute, singing or something else.music lessons for kidsI don’t assume any of my kids will be a concert pianist. Yet I like to encourage them to play. Generally I think it’s good for kids to do things that are difficult, and to realize that sometimes you have to really work at something to get better. Learning how to play piano is one of those things. It takes time, practice, and patience. Good life lessons in there.music lessonsThat’s it from this neck of the woods. Sunday night here and I need to close the computer and ready myself for another week. Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to enter our giveaway below.


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