WW #101: Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Hi there and welcome back to CloudMom! For years, we have struggled to find easy Valentine’s Day cards for the kids to make. I’ve tried buying cards, cutting out cards from colored paper, piling on heart stickers, and many more tricks. Taping on candies has become mandatory and my girls, especially, like to personalize their cards, writing the recipient’s name on each single one.

For simple Valentine cards, what we’ve settled on is a colored drawing saying Happy Valentine’s Day that we then pass through our colored photocopier approximately 20-30 times.  A name and a few candies, and you’re good to go. These cards look personal and fun, yet are inexpensive and don’t take the entire day to make. When you’re a busy Mom, you have to cut corners, right mamas?

Here’s what Annaliese came up with. She left the “to” slot blank, filling that in for each girl and her teachers. The card included a front …simple valentine cardsAnd a back. She chose her own colors (green being the favorite) and had fun watching the copy machine spew them out in numbers. Keeping the Hershey’s Kisses away from her brothers was another battle altogether.easy valentine cardsMarielle went just for the front, and had a space for her names among her drawings and candies. Later on, she went back and colored in her hearts as a finishing touch. So although the template for these cards remained the same, each had a personal, finishing touch.
homemade valentines day cardsI LOVE finding creative projects to do with my kids that don’t take up the entire day and drain me to the core. Such were these easy Valentine cards for us. Hope you all find them to be a good solution, too.

Sending much love to you and Happy Valentine’s Day.

xx Melissa

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