WW #100: Happy Birthday to my Son GIVEAWAY

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My little angel Beckett turns 10 on Wednesday and we celebrated this past Friday by taking some of his buddies downtown for pool, ping pong and Italian food. When it comes to fun birthday ideas for boys, I was OUT of ideas. Movies, laser tag, soccer, we’ve done a lot of these and while the kids have enjoyed them all, I wanted to find something different. I also hoped for something social and active where they boys would have fun together and not, since older boys were coming also, be tied to their phones. Birthday boy Beckett came up with the idea himself: pool and ping pong.

Got any good ideas for birthday parties for boys or girls? Weigh in below and enter our weekly giveaway!birthday boyTaking a detour from parties for one moment, I have to tell y’all why this birthday was such an emotional one for me. Born at just 36 weeks, Beckett had premature lungs and difficulty breathing. At one day old, he had heart surgery. He stayed in the NICU for 10 long days, and came home still tiny but strong. To see my healthy, robust, kind, caring and affectionate boy today at 10 years old fills me with emotion. Beckett is a calm boat into the rocky storm of our household. When tensions rise, he usually laid out on the sofa with his little nose in his big book. I can’t wait for him to get home from school every day and give me my hug.birthday boy with parentsAfter two hours of pool tables that were turned into ping pong tables, and ping pong tables that housed a dynamic tournament, we headed to a New York City institution, John’s of 12th Street. We dined on garlic bread, chicken parm, meatballs, lemon veal and of course, pizza. Most importantly, Beckett loved the cake, which was from Veniero’s pastry shop down the street.birthday boy's cakeThat’s it for this week’s Wrap Up. Thanks so much for reading and check back in this week for some more fun content.


Melissa xoxo

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