Why You Should Ignore Your Kid

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Hello, hello my friends.  Hope y’all had a great weekend.  My littlest angel started preschool last week and I’ve never seen her so happy.  After walking around the living room wearing her backpack for two years, she was ready, set, go!  Here’s a little video of her first official school activity.  Dropped her off today again and she said calmly “bye Mommy.”  Can’t believe it, really.  I walked home and nobody was there but my computer!  Boo, hoo.  A little peace and quiet but one of my first experiences of having an empty nest, at least for a few hours.

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Today’s vlog tackles the polar opposite situation to this peaceful, quiet house, though…

I’m talking about what I’ve learned about how to deal with toddler temper tantrums, using some fresh examples from my own little life.

Modern parents like me often like to think that they can control situations.  We like to fix problems, move forward, be efficient and smart about our lives.  But when a determined 2 year old decides to wage a few good ‘ole temper tantrums, there’s not so much you can do other than keep the kid safe and let them burn out on their own.  I mean that you can’t stop it, you have to let things run their course.

So here I talk about how I’ve learned this lesson.  If you have tips to share on this issue, please comment below, including if you disagree and favor a form of attachment parenting discipline that does not involve my technique of basically ignoring your kid (but in a nice way).

Hope the tantrums are few for you today and that you have a good one.

Xo Melissa

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