Why Women Need To Be More Like Men

Hello moms and dads!  I don’t know about you, but my daily life is filled with too many of those moments in which I feel frustrated that I’m not getting enough done.  Meanwhile, when I’m actually in the midst of being productive, I tend to multitask too much. Today’s blog tackles the issue of multitasking for us over-organized moms (including me!) and argues that from the perspective of time management, we women can take a ticket from men.

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Moms, how do you manage to be efficient?  How do you manage your time?

Time Management Tips for Moms

I find it really difficult to manage my time as a mom. When you’re balancing so many duties and frankly, things get thrown in your lap at a moment’s notice that you need to resolve right away, you don’t necessarily have the luxury of calmly prodding through your to do list.  Sitting down to order some stuff online – nope, your daughter has a fever and you need to rush her over to the doctor’s.  About to finish the laundry, nope – your son needs new materials for a school project due TOMORROW.  Welcome to the world of a mom.  Question is: how to you go about getting through your to do list as productively and efficiently as possible when you can?  Watch my vlog for my best advice on this issue.

How do you manage your time? Any advice to share?  Please share below!