Why Kids Should Be Doing Nothing

Howdy Mamas! So I’ve done quite a few videos at this point on over scheduled kids. It’s a big issue nowadays. We all know the mantra that kids should have plenty of free time.  But then we want to expose them to lots of things, and of course there’s the keeping up with the Joneses aspect, which none of us want to admit but it’s there, you know it’s there.

over scheduling kids

I grew up so differently from my kids. Far away from the world of helicopter parenting, we lived in a very rural area and we spent most of our time playing outside and wandering around the neighborhood. I did ballet and water ballet (yup!), but after that, we were busy making our own Olympics obstacle course, baseball (my oldest brother always beat the three of us), and all sorts of other games and activities we concocted in the woods.

As I struggle to reconcile that childhood with what my children have, I’m always thinking of new ways to attack this problem of over scheduling kids. In today’s blog, I talk about one new way I’ve been looking at this whole thing lately: that when my kids don’t have enough free time, they miss out on all that downtime brings.

Watch for more and please share how you guys confront this dilemma!

xo Melissa