Why is Mom Friendship Important?

When your days as a mom are packed planning and working — and your afternoons and evenings overtaken by your kids schedules and homework — it’s easy to let time for mom friends fall by the wayside. I’ve come to realize more and more over the years, though, that close friends are essential: you need that time sharing your stories and getting advice, and laughing over the ups and downs. This time with friends carries you through the rougher, messier moments of being a mom.

Mom Friends

I’ve been blessed to know amazing moms who have become good friends. On a recent Friday, one of my favorites Nandini invited some friends for an Indian lunch at one of the best Indian restaurants in NYC. We chatted, laughed, opened up, and enjoyed delicious food. I’ll remember that lunch for a long time.

Nandini (front left) is a giver: she is always looking out for others and brings her warm smile to every relationship. I’m so lucky to know her. Clad in red, Avery manages four kids, including a newborn, with a busy job in finance. She’s my hero. Mercedes is my Spanish amiga. With infinite positive energy, she works full time while raising two amazing girls. Missing was our dear friend Pegah who had been struck down with a cold. I’m so proud of all of these ladies and love them dearly!mom friendsLucky for me the restaurant prepared a savory, gluten-free Indian bread.best indian restaurant nycThe festive, pretty dessert.best indian restaurant in new york cityNo matter how busy you are, take the time for your friends. Whether it be a lunch, dinner, walk, or a quick phone call, that time bonding and sharing will lift you up and make you a better mom.

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    • It’s so very important! We moms need to be there for one another!

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